Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Solar Systems

 Today we talked about our solar system and the planets that it consists of. This video told us the names and sizes of the planets that orbit around our sun. After watching the video, we made our own solar systems. 
To begin, I cut contact paper into rectangles and peeled off the paper. I put each piece of contact paper on the table with the sticky side up and secured it with tape. 
 Since the sun is the center of the solar system, we put a bright yellow sun (that I had cut from construction paper) into our solar systems first. 
 Next we added planets that I had cut from different colored paper earlier in the day. I let the children decide the number of planets they wanted to add. 
After the planets were in place, the children shook sparkles all over their contact paper to represent the stars in the distance.  
 We put a piece of black paper over the back of the contact paper to finish. 
 Later I put blue painter's tape around the edges to make a frame. 
When we were all done making these, we had fun counting the number of planets in each solar system. 

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