Monday, March 5, 2012

Train Whistles

These can be made with recycled items that you probably have laying around the house. 
For each whistle, we used:
- 1 toilet paper tube or 1/2 of a paper towel tube 
- 1 small square of wax paper
-1 rubber band
The children decorated their paper towel rolls with markers. When they were finished, I poked a small hole near one end of the roll with scissors. 
We used the rubber band to secure the waxed paper to the same end of the roll that I had poked a hole in. 
We hummed and tooted into the open end of the whistle to make a kazoo sort of noise. We lined up our classroom chairs to make a train and went for a ride while blowing on our new whistles. Just beware, these toys can be loud, especially when a room full of happy children are using them. 

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