Thursday, March 1, 2012


After reading Sail Away by Donald Crews, we made these simple sailboats.

For each sailboat we used:
- one paper plate
- one drinking straw
- one 9" by 6" piece of paper 
- a small lump of air dry clay
First, we poked a hole at each end of the piece of paper and pushed the straw through the holes to make the sail. 

 Then we put the lump of clay in the center of the plate and stuck the sail in it. 
 We didn't wait for the clay to dry because the sails were standing up pretty sturdily and because we were anxious to sail our boats. 
Our sensory table is too small for sailing boats this big so we brought in the wading pool that we use for water play in the summer. 
 I gave each child a straw and showed them how to blow through it to make wind so that the boats would sail. 
 We had lots of fun sailing our boats and even gave our little people a ride. 
Later, we put a plastic plate in the water and put all of the little people on it to see if it would sink. 
 It didn't sink so we added more toys to see how many it would hold...
...until it capsized.

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