Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mixing Colors with Eye Droppers

Our class has been working a lot on small muscle skills over the past two weeks. One of my favorite small muscle activities is using eye droppers. Last week we used them to mix different colored paints. I started by squeezing about a tablespoon of washable tempura paint into a bowl and then filling the bowl with water to make a very watery paint solution. I did this with four different colors.

Next, I gave each of the children an eye dropper and a clear cup filled with water (I used clear cups so that they could really see the colors mixing). At first the children didn't understand that they had to sqeeze and then let go before the eye droppers would pick up the paint. But after a little practice, they were able to get some paint into them and squeeze it into the water.

Once they got the hang of it, everyone really enjoyed seeing the different colors and shades they could make their water.

They liked it so much that they refilled their cups with clear water and mixed new colors for about an hour.

Besides helping children to develop the small muscles in their hands and fingers, this activity is a good science project because it allows them to experiment with mixing. I loved that some of the children would try to remember the colors they had mixed previously so that they could reproduce the results.


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