Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Monkey Play

Here is a fun monkey craft that we made with the two-year-olds today. It was a little difficult for them to do and I ended up having to help everyone quite a bit. It would probably be more appropriate for three- or four-year-olds but the children really wanted to make monkeys today and this was the only thing I could think of with the supplies we had on hand. They turned out very nice in the end and they are lots of fun to play with. 

 For each monkey, I cut out two large brown ovals, one small white oval, and a brown monkey head. I also gathered two pipe cleaners and two googly eyes for each monkey. 

 First, we put lots of glue on one of the brown ovals and laid the pipe cleaners across it. 

Next, we put the second brown oval on top of the first so that the pipe cleaners were between them.

Finally, we glued on the head, eyes, and belly.  We had made monkeys!  (Though some of the kids insisted they had made spiders.)

 When the glue was dry, we put the monkeys on the big tree branch in our classroom! 

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