Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sticky Board Fun

Recently I read about making sticky boards on several different websites and decided to try it out in our classroom. The results were wonderful! The children absolutely loved it and it was inexpensive and easy to make.
 To begin, I found a piece of stiff cardboard and covered it with white paper. 
 Next, I covered the white paper with clear contact paper, sticky side up. 
At first I taped it to the top of a table and we tried sticking all kinds of things on it - pom poms, ribbon, plastic letters, our hands, bubble wrap, and small toys. The pom poms and ribbon made the contact paper fuzzy and nothing else would stick to it after we took them off. 
 Then we taped the sticky board to the back of one of our shelves and made a second one so that more people could play at one time. 
I found some plastic hearts and X's and O's at Target that were perfect for sticking on the board.
 The children loved making patterns with them
or just sticking them on and taking them off again. 
We are planning to try sticking other objects to the boards in the future. 

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