Thursday, January 26, 2012

Feather Painting

 The ostrich feather is one of the children's favorite items in the classroom at the moment. They love feeling the very soft, small feathers around the bottom and then the stiffer, longer feathers above. 

 It's not a real ostrich feather of course. I found it at Michael's craft store last week. It looked like an ostrich feather to me so I brought it into the classroom as part of our African animals theme.  Since everyone was interested in the feathers, we decided to paint with feathers today. We used the small colored feathers from our art supplies. 

We squirted the paint right onto the paper and used the feathers to move it around and mix it up. 

 We added more paint and it turned into a color mixing project. 


 Using feathers to paint was a fun alternative to paint brushes. 

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