Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Making Green

We have lots of children in our class who love to finger paint. Today we wanted to see what would happen when we mixed the colors blue and yellow together. We also wanted to finger paint, so I used the handprint color mixing idea that I had read about at I found that this really helped the toddlers understand that they were combining two colors to make a new one. They saw the seperate colors on each hand and the new color after they rubbed thier hands around on the paper. The sensory experience of finger painting also helped to bring the concept home. As the children realized that they were making a new color, there were excited cries of, "It's green!" as they held up their hands to show the color.  To begin, I poured blue and yellow paint into seperate plates and had the children put one hand in each color. 

They mixed the colors together with their hands...

until they had a beautiful shade of green!

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