Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Public Library and the Classroom

The public library is an indispensable resource for me when I plan lessons. My school uses emergent curriculum so my lessons are based on the interests of the children in my classroom. These interests change and vary and can incorporate anything from trucks to trees. For this reason, it would be impossible to have on hand at the school, enough books on every imaginable topic to fill the book corner with a nice variety of reading material for the children. This is where the public library comes in handy. In every city's library system, there are enough books, on pretty much any given topic, to stock a preschool reading area. 

I know that many cities are cutting funding to public libraries so that branches have been forced to cut hours or close altogether. I am lucky enough to live in San Diego where the libraries are amazing. I can go online, choose the books I want, and then pick them up at my convenience. Others cities don't have these luxuries but you can befriend your local librarian who is often willing to help out. When I lived in Philadelphia, I would email the children's librarian at the branch near my school and he would gather a stack of books on the topic I specified and have them waiting for me. 

My class is currently interested in safari animals. Here are some of the books I checked out on this topic.
There are several more books that I haven't picked up yet but as you can see there is already a good variety. The children will be able to read books about all of the different safari animals as well as the  aspects of African life.
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