Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Tree Stumps in the Block Area

Update: I wanted to update this post because I did the same thing again this year except with a few differences. First, the Christmas tree people gave me the stumps for free. Hooray! Second, they let me pick out my own stumps, so I got a better variety.

I picked out lots of small ones for inside play. The children built with them and put the plastic animals on them.

I also picked out some bigger ones for outdoor play. The children stacked them, they made circles with them, and put animals on them, of course.

When I went to get my Christmas tree this year, I noticed that the tree sellers were also selling the stumps that they cut off the ends of the trees. They were selling big boxes of them for only $5 and I later learned that some places give them away for free. Presumably people use these stumps in their fireplaces because they smell nice. I bought a box to use for building in the block area.

The stumps were a big hit and they made the classroom smell great!

One of the stumps had a hole in the center of it that was just the right size for our toy nails. The children loved hammering the nails into it so I took some of the other stumps home and drilled holes in them too.

Some of the stumps still had branches on them that we broke off and used for painting.

Those were five well spent dollars!


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