Tuesday, December 20, 2011


We have been making lots of different ornaments this month. Here are five of my favorite ornament ideas.
1. Pine cone Christmas trees. 

We put a glob of air dry clay on the base of the pine cone so that it could stand up. Then we squeezed on some glue. 
And added some colorful craft beads. 

2. Popsicle stick snowflakes.
The teachers glued the sticks together the day before. When it was time to decorate them, we gave the children glue, buttons, pom poms, and little jewels to decorate with. 

3. Bejeweled star. 

4. Glittery star of David. 

These last two we also glued together the day before and then let the children decorate them. 

5. Ornament bags.
I found this little poem in an old issue of The Mailbox magazine.

 I made one bag for each child and put the ornaments in as we made them. This is a nice Christmas gift for parents. 

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