Thursday, December 15, 2011

Baking Cookies

I wanted to make a batch of Christmas cookies with the class this week. At first I planned on buying a package of pre-made sugar cookie dough at the grocery store but after some thought I decided it would be fun to make our own dough in the classroom. So today I brought my Kitchen-Aid mixer into the classroom. Before beginning the activity, I talked to the children about being safe when using kitchen appliances. We discussed who can turn the mixer on and off and when it is safe to touch it. When I was sure they understood the rules, we began the project.
Everyone had a turn to add an ingredient. 

We all watched while it mixed everything together. 

When the dough was ready, we rolled it out and cut out shapes with cookie cutters. 

We put all the shapes on cookie sheets.

Then we took a walk to the kitchen where I put the cookies in the oven.

Unfortunately, we cooked them a little too long because I forgot to set a timer, but the children didn't notice.

We had lots of fun decorating the cookies and eating them. 
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