Tuesday, January 10, 2012


One of our favorite books this week is Little Elephant's Trunk by Hazel Lincoln. This book tells about all the ways an elephant can use its trunk. I found an easy elephant craft at busybeekidscrafts.com that we made after reading the story again today. 

For each elephant, I gathered these supplies: 
Two grey paper ovals
Two ears cut form grey paper
Two goggly eyes
One pipe cleaner
A small piece of string (for the tail)
Two clothespins
One glue stick

The children spread glue on one oval and pressed the pipe cleaner and the bit of string onto it. 
Next, they glued the second oval on top of the first one so that the pipe cleaner and string were between them. 
Then they added the ears, eyes, and clothespin legs.
These were not only fun to make, but they were also fun to play with!

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