Friday, January 6, 2012

African Safari

This week we have a been getting ready for an African safari trip. We have been reading lots of books about Africa and about the animals we are hoping to see there. We found Africa on our classroom map.

 After talking about how far it is from us, we discussed the best way to get there. Some of the children thought we should drive or walk (or even use our capes to fly!) but we decided that it would be easiest to go in an airplane. I told the children that before we went, we would need passports. I gave each child a passport and let them glue their own picture in it. We used chairs to set up a pretend airplane in the classroom, then we boarded the plane and were on our way!

To make the passports, I printed out a passport template that I found on line, cut out the pages, and stapled them together. 
When we landed our pretend airplane in Africa, we stamped our passports with a star and the letter A for Africa. 
Everyone is very excited to go on another trip to Africa soon!
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