Friday, October 5, 2012

Digging for Treasure in the Sandbox

The first week of school at Aspen Leaf Preschool is drawing to a close. It has been so wonderful working with children again after three and a half months of getting the school ready and licensed. I have enjoyed getting to know the students and our new teacher, Miss Erin. We did lots of fun activities this week but I think everyone's favorite was digging for treasure!

  All week, the sandbox that my fiance built has been everyone's favorite place in the playground to play. The children just love digging and building in the sand. 

On Tuesday, some of the children were pretending to dig for buried treasure. When I noticed what they were doing, I racked my brain for something treasure-like that we actually could bury in the sand and I remembered these glass stones that I bought at the dollar store a few months ago. 

I brought them outside and the children helped me bury them all around the sandbox. Then we set to work digging them up again. Even though we had just buried the stones, some of them were surprisingly hard to find again.

  I'm pretty sure there are quite a few stones that we still haven't found.

After finding the "treasure", the children would sometimes line them up along the side of the sandbox...

or sort them by color.

Digging for treasure (as we call it) has become our favorite outdoor activity. We can't go into the playground without our stones and shovels anymore!

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