Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hay Bales in the Playground

We are always looking for new things to add to our playground. Early in October, Miss Marta had the idea to add bales of hay to switch it up for the fall. At first we piled the hay for climbing and gave the children the opportunity to explore it. 

The next week, I rearranged the hay to make little huts or crawl spaces. I added pumpkins, play dishes, and dolls. We decided to call it the pumpkin patch. 

The children immediately started using the covered spaces as houses.

 They took the dolls inside the "houses".

And relaxed on (comfy?) pumpkins.

They also spent time carrying and rolling the pumpkins. 

 This week, Miss Erin turned the area into a boat by rearranging the hay. She added a sail, fishing rods, and paper plate fish.

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