Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pterodactyls in the classroom

Today I showed the children a picture of a pterodactyl and pointed out that it had wings and could fly like a bird. We looked through our dinosaur books and found more pictures of pterodactyls. I also told the children that pterodactyls lived in nests. This inspired us to make a big nest out of pillows and blankets for the children to play in. Then we set to work making our own pterodactyl wings!

Before we started, I cut out two wings for each child. I made them about as long as a two year old's arm. I gave each child two wings, a squeeze bottle of glue, and some scraps of tissue paper.

When the wings were decorated, I covered them with contact paper. This took a bit of time because I had so many wings to cover, but it was well worth the effort. Once this was done, I stapled each pair of wings together. I punched holes near the middle and inserted pipe cleaners to hold the wings on the children.
The children loved them! Most of them wore their wings for the rest of day and proudly took them home to show their families.
I also made pterodactyl airplanes. I drew the pterodactyls on the airplanes and the children colored them. They had lots of fun flying them around the room. 

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