Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wrapping Presents in Preschool

Every year at Christmas time, I set up a present wrapping center in the classroom. Ripping tape, cutting, and folding paper are great small muscle activities for young children. Besides, it's lots of fun to wrap and open presents!
To set up, I fill the wrapping center with rectangles of wrapping paper,
scissors, tape,
an assortment of boxes,
and some small toys from around the room.
As children came to the center, I explained how to rip the tape and fold the paper around the boxes. After a little while, they can usually do the folding on their own, but the tape can be a bit more difficult (so be prepared to go through lots of it!)
Of course, opening the presents was the best part!
Even though they knew what would be inside, the children got so excited as they ripped the paper and opened the boxes!

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