Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Haunted House and Jack O Lanterns

Halloween is almost here! Today we carved several of our pumpkins. The children helped me scoop out the seeds with spoons and with there hands. Everyone had a chance to scoop, feel, and smell the seeds. 
We have been talking alot about appropriate ways to express anger, so the children naturally wanted all of the pumpkins to have angry faces. This is probably so that they could tell them to use thier words when they are angry. In the end we decided on one angry pumpkin and one happy pumpkin. 

Earlier in the day we had made ghosts by placing crumpled paper in the middle of a paper towel sheet and tying a string around it. We drew faces on the ghosts and hung them in the wooden castle In our classroom. 

With the ghosts flying around its cieling, the castle was a perfect place to put our jack o lanterns and uncarved pumpkins.
Now we have a very fun and not scarey haunted house!
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