Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Making Jack O' Lanterns with Glue

Anyone who has worked with two year olds knows that they love to squeeze glue onto paper. This activity allows them to squeeze as much glue as they want while making a cute Halloween decoration. Before starting the activity, I collected round plastic lids like the one in the picture below. Then I mixed orange paint with regular school glue and poured it into our glue bottles.
The children squeezed the glue into the plastic lids.

When they had squeezed their fill (or when they ran out of glue), they added eyes, noses, mouths, and stems that I had cut from construction paper. 

Once they were finished, we put the jack o' lanterns on a shelf to dry. 

When they were completely dry (this took a few days), we peeled them off of the plastic lids. 

We poked holes in them, put fishing line through the holes, and hung them from a large tree branch we found outside. 
And then we had a jack o' lantern tree!
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