Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nature Collages

Every day this week we have taken a nature walk through the neighborhood around our school. On our walks we collect leaves, flowers, sticks, rocks, and whatever else the children find interesting. We decided to display our treasures by making a collage. I taped a big piece of contact paper onto the table with the sticky side up. After feeling the sticky paper with their hands for a little bit, the children began to put the leaves on it. 
When everyone was finished sticking leaves on, I covered it with another piece of contact paper so that the sticky sides were together. We taped it onto the wall where the children could see it and feel it. They can still see and feel the leaves through the contact paper without damaging them. 
 We did the same thing with the flowers that we found. 
Next, I guess, we will have to do it with the sticks! 

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