Friday, April 13, 2012

Planting Beans

We have been reading books about seeds and plants. Our favorite right now is Ten Seeds by Ruth Brown. The book shows how the seeds produce roots and then stems and leaves. Yesterday wwe planted our own bean seeds in plastic bags. This way when the roots and stems appear we will be able to see them.
We started with a paper towel and a bean seeds. 
The children sprayed their paper towels with water until they were pretty wet. 
 We had a little bit of trouble aiming the spray bottle at the towel. Every few moments I would be misted with water or hear one of the children exclaim,"Hey! You're spraying me!" 
Once the paper towel was wet, each child folded (or rolled) the paper towel around the seed and placed it in a ziplock bag. 
We hung the seeds in the window and are waiting for nature to do its work. 

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